Production Process

II. Wood drying and soaking process of Quang Phuc Company

  1. Logs after being sawn under specifications will be put into soaking tanks
  2. Soaking process: comprising the following chemicals under proration mixed with water:

         - BORAX (4-5.5kg/1000 litres of water)

         - OPTIBOR (4-5.5kg/1000 litres of water)

         - SODA (2-3kg/1000 litres of water)

  - When chemicals are mixed well, they will be pumped into the soaking tank, the pressure in the tank will be pushed to 8-9 kg and last for the time of 30-40 minutes (depending on the wood specifications). With sufficient time and chemicals having absorbed, water will be drained.

When the water in the tank is drained off, it will automatically suck out the water in the timber (vacuum) then the timber is put out, loaded in bales and put in the drying oven.

3. Wood drying process by steam

When the wood has been soaked and vacuumed already, the wood will be put into the drying oven, the drying time is from 9 to 13 days depending on the thickness of the wood; the temperature in the oven at that time is from 70 - 90 degrees. When the temperature and the drying time is sufficient, the wood will be taken out of the stove and loaded on bales, and the temperature of dry wood will reach between 7 - 12 degrees. The process of factory treatment: insecticide spray is taken once every 20 days over the total inventory in the factory area